Content Led Commerce at Zivame

Content is now playing a significant role in bringing organic traffic to Zivame. This project initially started as a pilot within the framework, and was then later moved on to an independent platform, on WordPress. I led the entire effort and worked along with various teams to give it the shape it is currently in.



Data from the Pilot (Feb 2017)

Spends Rs. 33,000
Total Page Views 1,47,772
% of Total Site Sessions 4%
% New Sessions 69%
Total Add to Cart Value from Articles Rs. 5,35,279
Category Page Views from Articles 2,5530
Average Time Spent on Article Pages 02:04
Data from new Blog (Mar and Apr 2017)

Details April MTD: 1st – 24th March MTD: 7th – 24th
(blog launched on 7th)
No. of Articles Published 29 14
Overall Sessions to the Blog 251,551 15,222
Overall Sessions from Blog to Site 17,044 Not captured
% Sessions from Blog to Site 6.78% Not captured
No. of Transactions 145 # of Add to Carts: 412
Revenue 186,174 Add to Cart Value: 158,771
% Converted to Purchase 0.85%


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Successfully planned and executed cross functional collaboration in competitive environment. From Zero to Live Within a month.



Content leads to 1.9x conversions & contributes to 5.1% transactions.


Riddhi Doda

Riddhi Doda Manager – Content, Zivame

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that Udit magically procured new templates from his hat to give our content the gorgeous look and experience you see today. He made it seem so effortless! From creating shortcodes that simplify publishing for the not-so-tech-savvy content team to developing any new format that content required in a jiffy, he found a smart UX solution!


  • Conceptualisation
  • Design of Content Infusion
  • Design of Article Formats
  • Pilot and Measuring
  • Collaborating on Content Strategy
  • Design of Product Infusion
  • WordPress Setup and Configuration
  • Custom Shortcodes Implementation
  • Project Management


  • Optimised for in-app browsing
  • Responsive
  • Realtime API integration with Product
  • Realtime API Integration with intelligent feed
  • Seamless connectivity between blog and e-commerce site and Apps
  • Product infusion
  • Content infusion
  • On-demand plug and play components
  • Support for easy shortcodes (for content writers)
  • CDN enabled
  • SEO optimised
  • Tracking instrumentation
  • Secured and fire-walled
  • Auto backups
Udit Khandelwal